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Love this!

Cant wait to see more! Super easy to read!

Excellent experience!

The vertical format on my iPhone 6+ is awesome and hope they can come out with more chapters and stories!

Great, original content!

Love this service! Very different flavours with the various comics; beautiful artwork, quality writing, and a phone-friendly format. Subscribed after reading three of the previews. Caught up on everything now. Super impressed!

Tuff Sell

When I first came across Stela I was pretty excited. I love comics but theyve never been quite comfortable to read on the phone, the scrolling feature completely fixes that! While the selection of comics is limited it is growing and theres some good ones(Dungeon Punches is amazing), being a subscription service is clever too. But where it all falls apart is the price, $13.99 monthly for a small handful of comics is ridiculous, especially when you consider Netflix and Apple Music is $4 cheaper. With so much going for it, its a shame Stela is its own worst enemy.

If love to give it a shot but...

After three days it still wont download.


Honestly I think this game could do better... I dont know why though.

A lots of great art. Changing my way to read comics

Great app. Very mobile and easy to use.

it works

I did this for a giftcard I got it :D

Nice Collection

Very easy to read on the phone and good selection of content!

Love the collection

Very mobile optimized. The scrolling format does make it easier to read on phone! No more zooming in and out pain.

Love the collection

It is so worth the monthly fee for such a great collection of content. The scrolling format does make it so much more easily to read a comic on phone! Good Job!

First time comics reader

Really enjoying this new platform for reading comics. As a first time reader, this is really accessible and the look of the app is amazing. Lots of variety and interesting comics here!

Love this!

Great diverse collection of stories and art and they all look great on my phone! Excited to read more.

This is amazing.

Ive been waiting for something just like this to come along. Now my work productivity will be nonexistent...worth it.

SO good

Omg this is so so so good. Illustrations a gorgeous. Comics are intense. Started with "Teach". Wow. Im hooked.

A revival in comic culture

A beautiful app, thoughtfully designed. Definitely rekindled my interest in comics, and has made it easier than ever to read on the go!

Finally here!

Been looking forward to this app for a while now. As a non-avid comic reader, I have often been overwhelmed by getting into comics. I also am short on time that I can dedicate to reading them, so I rarely do. This app gives me the ability to discover visual storytelling on my phone and removes the overwhelming barrier I feel whenever I go to a comic store or try and find material through other outlets. Having it in an easy to read format designed for mobile is a great way to read at my convenience. I love the $4.99 price point. Hoping this sticks around. The idea behind displaying content was well implemented. Looks great on the retina screen and the UX feels very natural. Id highly recommend to those who are new or old to comics. I feel like this app will help this style of storytelling become more accessible. Excited to see new content come out and hoping Stela will become a platform where readers, artists, and storytellers from all backgrounds are welcome.

Never loved comics on iPhone before

I’ve tried a few different apps and formats for comics on iPhone and iPad, but always went back to real books after a little while. I beta tested this app and have to say that I loved the content and the format. Perfect way to go through a book on a smartphone. And I have yet to read a title I didn’t really enjoy.


I love Jen Bartel, Irene Koh, and Ron Wimberly! This app is a steal at this price.

AMAZING delivery of FANTASTIC new content!

Im so excited for Stēla! Theres so much great work coming from so many fresh, interesting creators, and its only going to continue to grow and get better! Ive tried other comics apps, but never been satisfied with the feeling of trying to shoehorn traditional comics page format into a phone screen. Having to constantly pinch and zoom and navigate a clunky UI totally distracts from the story. The fact that Stēla content is created specifically for THIS mobile format from the start makes the whole experience incredibly cohesive. The content is solid and the format totally works. Cant wait for more!!

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