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Amazing art work

I love the vertical scrolling format. It makes mobile reading a lot easier. The art style is very elegant and the original story is unique. Please keep working on this great app.

Great place for a different kind of picture books

So nice to see some high quality picture books that are not full of muscular characters and not about superhero plots. I'm hooked!

Good but this CommunistLoli don’t wanna pay I’m broke

Yes I can see the stories are cool with great art but you gotta pay to read em and it’s sad please why pay? Ravioli ravioli this dragon Loli can’t pay

Amazing stories!

I’m impressed at the wide variety of stories on Stela Unlimited. It fits a broad range of readers, and is all original-created content. Very unique and entertaining! It stands out from other story apps I’ve used.

I like the new look!

I like the new look of the app! The shifting cover thing is so cool! :3 and of course those stories are keep me excited as always.❤️☺️✨✨

Great content..

Awesome. I’m truly impressed by the quality of stela’s stuff. Hard to find stuffs like this on other platform..!! But I hope the app itself could be more polished..

Pay only

Claims it's free, even in the ads, then you make an account and can only read one page of maybe 3 stories without paying for a subscription. I get the creators need to be paid, but I have better comic apps where there are plenty of free stories to read.

Gratnin & Ron Wimberly

Get this so you can read the gratnin (gratuitous ninja) from Ron Wimberly. It is such a fun and yes gratuitous time. These characters have developed through the years in a multitude of media: clothing, physical installations, physical comics, and now this amazing Stela platform.

Great content and updated continually

I enjoy reading the comics...

Back on board: Enjoy the new releases!

Stela has grown so much since their hype back when they first launched! I stopped subscribing for a while, but now that the new illustrated classics and several series I followed are finally get updated I’m super excited to be back on board! The content is worth paying for if it’s a genre you enjoy!

Great art and stories horrible app

Things fail to load, often closing and reopening the app to use it. Occasionally uninstalling and reinstalling. Update 1: Several series are straight missing. Oort and House girls literally do not have a chapters available. This service is almost great, not worth 10 dollars if I can even read what I paid for. Updated 2: Canceled subscription after 24 hours. The app is god awful. No way to tell if a series is complete. Things fail to load, books are not available at all. The series are short ready 7 of them in 24 hours. That’s like 10% of their content. Update 3: Been about a week since I looked Oort is now available for volume 1. It says volume 2 is available but it is not. House girls still is not actually available. Again beautiful art and stories, crap app from hell.


Got the subscription and everything was fine, then suddenly there were no more updates and the app wouldn’t load anymore. I’m pretty sure I was scammed as well as everyone else who bought into this app. Please be warned. Save your money. It’s not worth it!!!!!!


Maybe its because I'm just reading one “comic” right now or it happens with all of them but they are barely any pictures a comic is supposed to have pictures not have words describing the facial expressions or what they are doing. If you guys want good comics download webtoon, LehkinComics, or Tappy Toon.

Nothing loads

I wanted to subscribe. But nothing loads. I am running iOS 11.0.3 on iPhone 7. The last update of this app was two months ago? Are there anybody still working on this app?


Just started to read some stories. The graphic quality is pretty good. Other than subscription fee, I like it so far...


I like their comics I think is expensive because they don't upgrade the sagas i like that often. But always have something new. I will return

Most likely going to cancel

App doesn't load properly, stories are base line quality, why pay for this when webtoons offer more selection, better quality for free?

Great app for comics

This is the best comic and reading app I have seen. Very neat organized contents and well done drawings are compelling me so much.

Great app for Comics !

Most convenient way of reading comics via mobile device . Covers a wide variety of genres with quality art work. Would recommend if you like reading comics !

Really wonderful!

Excited every time I open it up! Sleek design; I'm ready to read the great content that just keeps coming (=゚ω゚)ノ

Exactly what I am looking for

It just keeps getting better and better. Long one subscriber and I LOVE IT!!! I hope to see more people on it.

love it but

It's been crashing lately! dev team pls fix 💕 everything else is perfect & i wish more ppl know about it!


Great production values, never seen anything quite like this.


I had download many comic apps. They are either hard to read on the phone or quality is low. This one is looking good so far.

A step forward for digital comics

Makes reading comics on your phone an enjoyable experience and not a pinch-to-zoom nightmare.

Pay to read everything.

Literally everything is on a pay to read basis. Don't waste your wifi/data downloading this junk.

If I could give no stars I would

I made sure to read the description abou there being free comics, but here aren't actually any. Just previews and a sniffle chapter or two. There aren't actual free ones. Use Tapas or WEBTOON if you're looking for good content.


Good deal, good content, good art! Original art and story lines! New talent with new ideas! Call of Cathulhu is my favorite strong character good art, easy to read on a cell phone because of the formatting. Classic comic storytelling. Reminds me a bit of Mage. 442 tells the story of the 442 division during WWII as told by the members of the Division. The variety of stories types and art styles is appealing!

An interesting direction for comics

I know that comic books have been a staple, I myself enjoy holding a good book and being able to examine its intricate details. The talented people at Stela are trying to push the comic book norm and I believe it is going in the right direction! Some of their comics have great art and amazing stories! The simplicity of just scrolling to read makes me immersed in the story. I surprisingly don't miss flipping a page as much I thought I would! Hopefully Stela keeps taking chances and using an indie type scene to find great new artists and intriguing storytellers to push comics into a new age!

So many comics!!

This app has so much cool stuff! It's going to take forever to read through all the stories. I'm so excited!

A cool way to read comics!

I recently took advantage of their free to read weekend and I like what I saw. There seems to be a good breath of content. I thought the way the comics flowed on my phone felt unique and comfortable. It also made for some cool trasitions in between panels. I like what I have seen so far and for sure look into seeing what else Stela is able to offer.

Great Reading App

A really good app with some really cool comic and novel. The art in the novel is great. I highly recommend if you are a comic lover and love to see amazing illustrations.

Probably a good app.

Shame you cant read a thing until you pay 9.99/ month to use it otherwise the chapters only let you see one image telling you nothing of the stories there are better free apps with TONS of free comics.

Love the app! Latest update seems to have broken some stuff tho

Stela is really amazing. I love that there are comics available in a novel and interesting format, and the content is wonderful!! Please incorporate non-Facebook profile images for those of us who don't use the big FB. NOTE: The latest update seems to have some bugs, like whole chapters failing to load more than a single image, and constant hanging. I'm sure this will be handled soon. Id like to get back to my adventures :)

Good app

Love to see creators' arts in on my phone. Easy to browse as well. Looking forward to see more creative works. :)

Fantastic art works and good stories

I like the drawing and the story line. It's unique pieces of art and fun storytelling.

an issue

this app is not 'unlimited'. there is two free series, a few you can read the first chapter, and the rest you have to get a subscription to read the others. which wouldn't be an issue, if it didn't cost ten dollars a month for a subscription. great comics, with great plot and art style; but horrible payment options for them.

Not free

Nothing on this app is free. False advertising.

I would give it 2 but I'll be nice

The advertisements say free - pay when you want. Lie. You have to subscribe and there are really only 2 to 3 free things to read. Previews don't say much about what the comic or book is about. I understand that this is a new app or at least it seems new since there's a lack of reviews, the library is very small it seems. I love the idea, but I will not subscribe till there is a bigger and better library.


Haven't bought a subscription- but I'm down for the free trial, and immediately impressed with how seamlessly they utilize the platform. I could see myself buying a subscription if I owned a penny or two. Lives up to the its ad claims. Smaller library than ideal hope for expansion soon

Complete false advertising

Nothing is free but the first page, even for the series in the "free" section.


Don't say that your content is free if you are required to pay 9.99 a month to read the comics, if that's true then it's not free

it works

I did this for a giftcard I got it :D


Honestly I think this game could do better... I don't know why though.

If love to give it a shot but...

After three days it still won't download.


So much insanely good content! I love it! Crystal Fighters, Breaker, GratNin, Ghost FM, Afrina, Calla Cthulu. So many great new series! The future of comics?! I think so.

Unique comic app

Great idea with great content! Easy to read on my phone. Keep the comics coming please.


Comics read very naturally in the phone. Highly recommended!


Nice comics and pictures

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